"I ulu no ka lala i ke kumu"
The branches grow because of the tree.
We would not be here if not for our ancestors.

Mamolii Productions specializes in authentic presentations of our Hawaiian culture. We create productions, workshops, and activities to help promote culture, music, dance, and language.

We also serve as local guides around the islands. If you want to make the most out of your visit to Hawaii, let our guides show you how!



Very few visitors understand the history and culture of Hawai‘i. Hollywood and the silver screen have given our visitors an image of Hawai‘i that they expect to see. We look to beat their expectations and to show them a true experience by sharing our knowledge of Hawaiian culture. If you need a consultation or workshop, we'd be happy to help!

Our tour products visit different communities on the island and engage in a variety of activities from sightseeing, games, storytelling, crafts, and more! We also have eco-tours and volun-tours set up to give back to the communities we visit. Our tours are set up to educate, perpetuate, participate, and respect all of what Hawaii has to offer!

Our outdoor education program takes it up a notch with cultural demonstrations and practical applications. There's just too many possibilities! Contact us now and let's talk story.


We create productions to help promote Hawaiian culture, music, dance, and language. Our productions are educational and entertainingly stimulating as presentations and fun activities are undertaken. Through these events, our visitors will come to a better understanding of Hawai‘i, its people, and culture.

Looking for Polynesian entertainment? We also have choreographers from Tahiti and Aotearoa who we use for our Polynesian Productions.


Music plays a crucial part of our culture. Much of our history has been passed down through our songs and chants. Our musicians will be glad to provide live Hawaiian entertainment for your event. We also love party favorites as well, contact us prior to your event and we'll create a song list to fit your needs.



1425 Dillingham Blvd. #304 Honolulu, HI. 96817
(661) 874-4852



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